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  Lessons and Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Guitar Lessons from Beginner to Advanced

Huntington Guitar Lessons welcomes the chance to teach and equip, both the young and up-and-coming guitar player and the advanced guitarist and songwriter, with the necessary knowledge and tools to learn the guitar and learn it well. 

It will provide students with unique tools that will help them develop their musical talents more solidly and with a strong foundation.

Course work will include:

·         Proven Singer/Songwriter techniques

·         Studies aimed at complete fretboard knowledge + application

·         Improvisation in Jazz, Blues and other styles

·         Performance preparation         

Private as well as group lessons are available. Call 516-850-4815 for further details and to learn more. 

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  Northshore Songwriter Workshop    

This workshop is designed for and open to songwriters of all levels who are interested in furthering their songwriting skills and who want to receive honest (yet sensitive) feedback from other songwriters in the group. The Workshop meets on ZOOM every 3rd Tuesday at 7pm on a monthly basis. There is a $10 charge for each workshop session. Call 516-850-4815 for further details and to sign up. Please send request to join to and we will send you the ZOOM link.

NOOM (Northshore Original Open Mic

Another great resource to go out and play your original composition is by playing out at NOOM ('Northshore Original Open Mic'), an original open mic hosted by Toby Tobias and Richard Parr. NOOM is held 3 times a month in the Sky Room at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington. Going on 10 years, Toby is providing a venue for songwriters of all styles and stages the opportunity to perform their original songs in front of a broad and appreciative audience. Just what a budding or experienced songwriter needs! More info at

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